Products & Services

Our Products and Services

Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., offers a wide range of environmentally-conscious energy solutions related to new and existing structures. Traditional power and distribution plants are evaluated for optimization reducing energy loss at increased economics by applying e.g.:

  • electric machines technology advancements in power electronics and motors for a wide variety of critical energy applications,
  • innovative process and materials technologies as cost-shared projects are selected through a competitive process from exceptional research teams,
  • combined heat, power and distribution energy systems can pave the way for accelerated deployment in manufacturing and other applications,
  • business innovation research awards support to small businesses to advance scientific discoveries, develop and commercialize process solutions,
  • next generation manufacturing processes, simulation tools, and technologies are pursued in key areas to lower the energy intensity of manufacturing,
  • next generation materials are innovative materials, that can open new design spaces for high-performance and renewable energy technology manufacturing,  projecting on clean energy, carbon, and economic benefits.

Our Expertise

Our management and R&D team consist of professionals with long experiences in the power and alternative energy sector. Majority of them renown in the industry and globally interconnected to their peers, research facilities, universities and energy regulatory commission of various countries.

This combination and pooling makes a unique concentration of available expertise and is a warranty for successful, highly specialized projects.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision at Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., is to become the world leader in the creation, development, and deployment of technologies that converge the advancement of human civilization with that of the environmental condition.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., is to provide the finest green energy solutions for new constructions as well as existing building owners/lessors. We believe and hope that through careful analysis, attentive customer support, and cost effective solutions, we will become a stable business serving the entire Philippines and International