Business Overview

Energy efficiency Management is a very crucial sector in the world energy industry, it’s improvements over the last 25 years saved a cumulative 5.7 trillion USD in energy expenditures.

This virtual supply of energy generates multiple benefits for governments, businesses and households, including greater energy security from reduced dependence on energy imports and billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions reductions. It is becoming very important that we strengthen our understanding of the energy efficiency market and the prospects over the medium term.

It was evaluated that the impact of energy efficiency in the energy system and assesses the scale and outlook for further energy efficiency investment using detailed country-by-country energy efficiency indicator data and IEA expertise.

The most recent report of the energy efficiency Management sector looked into the buildings energy efficiency market and the electricity sector. Energy efficiency investments in the buildings sector totaled around USD 110 billion in 2019.

In the electricity sector, energy efficiency has proved critical in flattening electricity consumption in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development member countries, driving utilities to adapt their business models. It is becoming very important worldwide that we examine and expand the energy efficiency markets. Major and very busy cities drive economic growth but can also drive sustainable change.

As the share of the world’s population living in cities rises, ambitious action in urban areas can be instrumental in achieving long-term sustainability of the global energy system – including the carbon emission reductions required to meet the climate goals reached at COP21 in Paris. With global energy demand set to become even greater over the coming decades, the world is becoming very cautious of what is to happen in the Energy industry.