Executive Summary

Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., is an energy efficiency Management Business in Makati / Philippines as well as St. Petersburg / USA, that offers breath taking designs and advice to architects and consumers regarding environmentally sensitive buildings as well as energy consumption recommendations. Right from the onset, we at Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., identified three keys that will ensure success in our business.

The first and foremost key is the need to only offer solutions which are based on market demand. While the second we believe is to ensure that all of our offerings are based on economic justifications; and finally, that the solution we will be providing should make sense beyond the environmental considerations because it has long-term economic value.

We at Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., have through extensive research understood what is obtainable in the industry and have taken our time to decide on the targeted audience we choose to serve. We work hand in hand globally with experts of the industry and R&D facilities, providing the ability to offer environmental solutions to existing traditional as well as new alternative energy producers and distributors as well as environmental conscious individual clients.

Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., understands the need of the environment, which is why the firm was established as an environmental energy consultancy that offers a wide range of services: advice regarding passive heating, grey water usage recommendations, renewable energy considerations and employee transportation options.

Opsis Technology Concepts Inc., is led by a seasoned renown management team proficient in the traditional as well as alternate energy field and environmental resource management.